Bordeaux 21 - 26 Oct

Workshop on Structural Biophysics

Biophysical techniques allow capturing the mechanisms during the interplay between biomolecular entities on a scale ranging from the size of an atom (atomic structure, assembly mechanisms, protein-protein, protein-DNA, protein-lipid interactions) to the mesoscopic size of complex cellular objects (ribosomes, organelles, large macromolecular buildings, etc.).

This workshop proposes to make an inventory of the latest technological advances and provides a theoretical and practical training on the main techniques of structural biophysics. It also aims at introducing integrative methodologies.


EM and cryo-EM

Solution and Solid-state NMR

Vibrational Spectroscopy 

Mass spectrometry


Molecular Modelling 


Workshop format

5 days of intense biophysical workshop at the charming Bordeaux site !

The workshop aims at providing a solid technological and methodological background to post-doctoral fellows, PhD students, research scientists and engineers for each technique and to demonstrate the power of each and the complementarity of the techniques.

Since places are limited we will select on the basis of CV and letter of motivation af the candiate.

poster session will provide the perfect opportunity to communicate around science.

The workshop language will be english or french, as requested by the candidates.



EM - Marion Decossas (IR CBMN), Rémi Fronzes (DR IECB), Olivier Lambert (DR CBMN)

NMR - Axelle Grélard (IR CBMN), Birgit Habenstein (CR CBMN), Antoine Loquet (CR IECB), Estelle Morvan (IR IECB)

Mass spectrometry - Corinne Buré (IR CBMN)Stéphane Chaignepain (IR CBMN), Jean-Marie Schmitter (Prof CBMN)

Molecular Modelling - Benjamin Bardiaux (CR, Institut Pasteur), Isabelle Bestel (Prof CBMN)

Spectroscopy -  Sébastien Bonhommeau (MdC ISM) Sabine Castano (MdC CBMN), Sophie Lecomte (DR CBMN), Reiko Oda (DR CBMN)

X-ray - Franck Artzner (DR IPR), Axel Innis (CR IECB), Brice Kauffmann (IR IECB), Frédéric Nallet (Prof CRPP)





Registration FREE  for CNRS employees (postdoc / PhD / researcher)



Scientific Coordinator : Birgit Habenstein 


Administrative Coordinator : Emilie Dagnaud



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